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Vitalitis SP Z O.O. Vitalitis SP Z O.O.
Vitalitis SP Z O.O. About us
Vitalitis Company cooperate with producers from all of the world.

We are Focus on the food industry, but we are open to meet all the needs of our clients.

Using our contacts and experiences we provide our clients necessary raw materials at very attractive prices. We coordinate purchases and freights of all raw materials - semi-finished products to the warehouses of our partners. We have very transparent and partnership cooperation principles, that they make, that the client pays a small initial payment at the beginning of the cooperation.
The settled settlement takes place only then when we meet the customer's expectations in terms of quality and price of a given raw product. Thanks to such cooperation, our clients do not risk anything and can only gain.
Check us out and you will see how much your company will gain.
We invite you to cooperation.
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Jaroslaw Zyczynski: +48 608 648 617.
Vitalitis SP ZOO 05-230 Kobylka; AL. Jana Pawla II nr 44; Poland